Private Equity

Since the GFC the speed with which credit markets have frozen over and what that means in terms of obtaining debt funding from the banks, has placed many small to medium enterprises in a state of financial uncertainty.

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) is Australia’s largest capital raising platform for high-growth, small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and their shareholders. ASSOB is not a Bank, nor a Stock Exchange, but provides a compliant share Issuer and Seller platform for SME’s. It uses many of the techniques used by listed companies to enable unlisted companies to issue shares, or for shareholders to sell shares in value from $250K up to $5M. It is a pioneer in this space in Australia and is rapidly becoming known as one of the most innovative platforms for unlisted enterprises in the world.

Instead of opening a savings or cheque account as you would with a bank, ASSOB has developed an innovative new business product called a “Share Capital Account”. Opening a Share Capital Account enables you to access (cash out) the equity you hold in an existing business or to raise new capital for business development or expansion. It facilitates funding for marketing your growth and expansion plans, lets you put in place a financial buffer (if required), enables meaningful employee share ownership participation to occur through the sell-down of founder’s equity for business succession planning, or can provide funding for strategic acquisitions and asset purchases.

There are two ways a business enterprise can list on ASSOB and open a Share Capital Account:

  1. Primary Listing for Raising Capital: Admission to ASSOB for the purpose of raising funds for a business enterprise through the issue of new securities (shares), or;
  2. Secondary Listing for Selling Shares: Admission to facilitate the secondary sale (transfer) of existing issued securities (shares) held by the owners/shareholders of your business enterprise.