How do I proceed?

Is ASSOB right for me? For Capital Raising, Venture Capital or Equity Financing?

If you agree with most of these statements then ASSOB could be right for you:

  • I have a good business idea or a business with the potential to get bigger.
  • I need at least $250,000 of funding to start my business, or to grow my existing business, and maybe a lot more over time.
  • I am not big enough for the Venture Capital firms to be interested.
  • I don't want to give a Venture Capital firm control of my company.
  • I don't have sufficient assets to borrow the money from a bank.
  • I would prefer to avoid the cash flow drain that comes with bank debt.
  • Issuing an ASIC-approved prospectus would be too expensive for me.
  • Government regulations seem to be too complex to allow me to raise money by myself.
  • I don't have any really rich mates or uncles who will fund my business.
  • I'm not confident that I am able to tell my story in a way that would really explain its full value to investors.
  • I'm too busy running the business to do it all myself.

If even some of these statements are true for you then please give us a call.